Exploring What It Means to Know and Do Mathematics


“Mathematics is the science of concepts and processes that have a pattern of regularity and logical order. Finding exploring this regularity or order, and then making sense of it, is what doing mathematics is all about.” Van, . W. J. A., & Bay-Williams, J., Karp, S., 2013, p. 13)

We know that there may be more than one solution to resolve a problem, similarly in a mathematical context. Students need to be given proper tools and experience to enhace their thinking skills and possess the motivation, drive and determination to get answers. Therefore, providing grounded understanding, necessary language aquisition which is important and the required manupulatives/materials would propel students and empower them to engage in math activities.   

At the same time, giving children opportunities to explore and learn while making mistakes will provide a chance for reflection and learning. Building new knowledge from prior knowledge helps teachers to scaffold and facilitate learning mathematics.

Beisdes the specific details in technical explanation and emphasis of mathematical principles, standards, strands and contents, being proficient in the subject requires appropriate learning dispositions to be developed.



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