Mathematics Lessons – 12 August 2013 (Monday)

I felt interested, empowered and knowledgeable with the activities involved in today’s lessons. There was plenty of concrete learning taking place.

The three activities – making rectangle with tangrams, 99th letter of your name, dividing rectangle into 4 equal parts, helped me developed confidence and a sense of curiosity especially with the way it was presented. A student will definitely respond positively to the encouragement, open-ended questions and teacher’s disposition.

Apparently, each of the tasks involved problem solving hence the three ways of teaching – exploration, scaffolding and teacher/role modelling were clearly displayed to emphasize the need for them in the classroom.

Though I am used to teaching children how to derive at answers by getting them to learn, practice and apply (the way in which I was being taught in the 1980s) but I seldom provide opportunities for them to enrich their learning with my approach of being very instructional which I’ve learnt to avoid at this point. It’s enlightening to ask a student “how many different ways” can a task be done. I think it develops a two-way learning process (teacher and student).

In addition, the approach by which concrete, pictorial and abstract learning is carried out to cultivate teaching mathematics has been proven successful.

Image  Image  Image


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